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Halfway through the year already. It's been a journey since this time last year.

Through it all God as held my hand and guided me and I have never been more grateful for his love.

I want to encourage you to let him be your best friend, your greatest love, your all in all.

No matter how you feel today, may the thought that he loves you more than you could even ask or imagine bring you peace and joy in every situation and circumstance, 

My prayer is that as you listen to these songs, you will be inspired, renewed and drawn closer to Him

He is my all in all, my amazing Father, my wonderful Lord.

Did you wake up today with a 'bad hair day'? Do you look around, compare yourself  and feel everyone is so much better than you are? Don't be fooled. In God's eyes you are valued and always beautiful. Take care and have a blessed day knowing this.

Love flows from the Father to me and to you, all day, every day, till the end of time. Always and forever.

Rejoice always. Give thanks in all things. Enjoy the moments that you have been given. The one you have now is your best moment.

God has written a special love letter to me and you. It's written in our hearts, scribed with a crown of thorns. A letter of eternal love. I've read mine. Have you read yours?