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It's all about God's love for me because  of what  Jesus did on the Cross. A love that never lets me down .That's so exciting for me and I hope it is for you too. Be blessed. Annie”

I'm Annie.

Just a few words about myself.  I've been a singer in Gospel groups for a while and started singing in them after I found my faith in Christ. I  started writing my own songs a few years ago. My dad had died and I had a lot of insomnia. Rather than waste my nights, I sat up in my loft and wrote songs, mostly about God's love, because that was my support during those nights.

 I describe my music as inspirational, easy listening, pop style, gospel based music with a soft lyrical vibe.  My prayer is that as you listen to it, you will be encouraged in your Christian walk and filled with the knowledge that God truly loves you and showed you his love through Jesus. On this page is a sample of some songs for you . All my songs are  on the  Music page.  For free downloads go to the Store Page and set your price to 0.00.

If you want to know more about the  Christian Songs I have written, check out the  Music Information Page. You'll find  themes of some of my Gospel Music

Have some fun while you are here. Our God is joy. 

If you are encouraged, inspired or blessed in any way, then please pass my website link on to your friends and family.  

Stay blessed and in the love of Jesus.                                                                                           



Love flows from the Father to me and to you, all day, every day, till the end of time. Always and forever.

It's a crazy world. Everything seems upside down sometimes. But in all of it, I have learnt to say 'Thank you Lord for all your goodness' .That's the message in the song  below- Funny Ain't it

God has promised he is with us in every situation. He will never leave us or forsake us. Today hear God say 'I will carry you'.