Its a new dawn and a new day

Love Letter, says that  God wants us to know he loves us. He wrote a love letter in our hearts using a pen of thorns and the blood of Jesus as ink. No one else can love you more.

Rejoice always. Give thanks in all things. Enjoy the moments that you have been given. The one you have now is your best moment.

It's all about God's love for me, shown in the gift  of life I have because  of what  Jesus did on the Cross. A love that never lets me down .That's so exciting for me and I hope it is for you too. Stay blessed. Annie”

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Did you wake up today with a 'bad hair day'? Do you look around, compare yourself  and feel everyone is so much better than you are? Don't be fooled. In God's eyes you are valued and always beautiful. Take care and have a blessed day knowing this.

When I think of who God is and who I am, knowing that he loves me is just amazing.