One of the great things about the internet, is that you can use it to find loads of stuff, including Christian music online. There are so many Christian music artists with a heart for God out there, but finding a platform to express themselves has always been difficult. The media is interested in secular music because it sells and they have to make a living. Most Gospel songwriters however are more interested in sharing the good news about Jesus than gain,( though if that does happen they won't say no) and this puts them at a disadvantage. They also tend to be not very pushy types.


This is why it's so great, that you have used the internet to connect in a small way with me and my christian music online. I have quite a few christian songs and gospel music on my site and as much as possible have tried to make free downloads available. My purpose is that you will continue to be blessed and encouraged by the words you hear in them. Some of the songs have a praise and worship theme. Glorify yourself for example. Signs of the times and Funny Ain't it are not particularly "christian music". Rather they take a look at social issues that can affect us as Christians. Jesus was always interested in the social issues of his day, and I think we should be too.

This wasn't meant to be a sermon, juat a few thoughts about christian music online. I'll just end by encouraging you to keep supporting those of us who write christian songs and gospel music, both online and offline.

Don't forget to make a note of my site and keep coming to check for new material.

Have a great day