There are a few songs here that are not necessarily Christian music. More pop/easy listening/R&B style.
Impossible Dream and Impossible Dream remix This is an insightful pop/ballad style song reviewing strange choices we sometimes make in relationships.
Funny Ain't It  - Tongue in cheek view of the inequalities in life.
Get Around -  is an upbeat tune about life and making the best of every situation.
Signs Of The Times  is a  pop style song about youth crime, from the pespective of the perpetrator's mother.
Unlimited Love.
See Me(demo) is a catchy pop sounding tune about the dilema of society's norm/perception of 'beauty.' "See me, though I am the wall flower that you pass by every day". Song searches the idea that everyone is capable of showing real friendship,loyalty and love, despite their appearance.
Real love(demo) - Melodic, dreamy, love song about finding soulmate despite difficult circumstances