Every Letter


Not guilty Pilate sighed
Not guilty heaven cried  
Yet they hung him there between two thieves 
The man of glory

He took our sin and shame
He took our price for pain
The humble Lord yet the one who rules us all                                  

What is truth Pilate asked
With this he went out again and said to the Jews
I find no fault with this man
He is your responsibility

And his mother closed her eyes
As the spear went in his side 
Her humble son so pure, so innocent
She'd never felt such pain
Felt she'd never smile again
The one she loved the best
Was crucified

Yet he was wounded for our transgressions
He was bruised for our iniquities
And the punishment that brought us peace was upon him
We all like sheep have gone astray
Each of us has turned to his own way
And the Lord has laid on him
The iniquity of us all

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On the Cross - Lyrics

It was there that he came and he gave his life
The son of God he was crucified on the cross

It was there as he hung till he was maimed
The son of God dying for my shame
On the cross
It was there all our sins were blown away 
and we were free to live again through thre cross
It was there as he breathed out is is done
 That he gave freedom to everyone

And the burden of life's pain
Was laid on him the king
All sorrow and all loss
Defeated on the cross

Now in heaven he lives and he pleads our case
The victory won by his sacrifice on the cross
He will lead us again to his thone on high
Our names written down in the book of life
By the cross

Sing glory to the lamb
Sing glory to the son
Sing glory to the king
He gave his life for everyone

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Grace Alone

It's your grace, your grace alone
That covers me.

Days of cheer, days of peace
All is clear, and all is bliss
There are times I'm really happy
And I know I'm always free
Cause it's your grace, your grace alone that covers me.

Grace alone(x6)

Darker days, may creep here 
Bringing grief, and bringing fear
There are days of only trouble
Yet I know I'm always free
Cause its your grace, your grace alone 
That covers me

Grace alone(x6)

Built on rock, not sinking sand 
Jesus leads, me by the hand
There are days of jubilation 
But strifes and fears will never cease 

So let it be grace, your grace alone
That covers me
It's your grace, Your grace alone that covers me

Grace alone
Stormy seas
Joy and peace
Never cease
Grace alone
Always there
Bringing calm
In every fear
Grace Alone
never fails
Always there
Grace Alone 
From the cross
Grace alone

Every letter every page
Every minute and every age
Each temptation and every care
Every person everywhere

Is written on the hand
Of the one who made the land

Every trial and every fear
Every burden he will share
Of the ones that he has called 
To be a part of his great fold
I know, I know , I know
Who holds the threads
And I know
Who paints the picture
I know, I know, I know
He knows my name
And the purpose he has planned

To make me part of his great kingdom
Create me perfect in his way
And though the fig tree may not blossom
I’ll put my trust in him each day

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PULL ME IN - Lyrics

Stranded in the sea of life
I asked the Lord to pull me in
Sinking in a sea of strife
 I asked the Lord to pull me in

Seeking for a better life 
I asked the Lord to pull me in
Searching for some truth inside
 I asked the Lord to pull me in

I found the Lord found peace inside
His spirit’s love fills me within
My name’s written down in the book of Life
His precious blood has pulled me in 

I asked the Lord and he pulled me in