1. On the Cross

From the recordings Every Letter Album and His Love


It was there that he came and he gave his life
The son of God he was crucified on the cross

It was there as he hung till he was maimed
The son of God dying for my shame
On the cross
It was there all our sins were blown away
and we were free to live again through thre cross
It was there as he breathed out is is done
That he gave freedom to everyone

And the burden of life's pain
Was laid on him the king
All sorrow and all loss
Defeated on the cross

Now in heaven he lives and he pleads our case
The victory won by his sacrifice on the cross
He will lead us again to his thone on high
Our names written down in the book of life
By the cross

Sing glory to the lamb
Sing glory to the son
Sing glory to the king
He gave his life for everyone

Christian music online by Annie Woode
© Annie Woode