Halfway through the year

So much has changed, but my one constant has been the unbelievable love God has shown me, all the way through since last year.

I have little to offer him in exchange. My praise is not enough, but I give that to him as it is all I have . His love is truly amazing

Amazing love how can it be /  That your blood was shed for me / Bringing hope eternally it’s true 

I feel your love wash over me/ Turn your face and hear my plea /This is all I can give to you / I’ll sing 


Worthy is the lamb who sits on the throne /Worthy is the lamb we honour the son /Worthy to you all praise is due 

Worthy is the lamb God’s great holy one/Worthy is the lamb now the war is won /Worthy we lift our hearts to you

 Redeeming grace that carried me  /To the place where I was freed /I feel safe Your Spirit covers me 

If I could choose I would remain /Here with you /And abstain /From the things that stop me living true  

And singing 

Amazing love please help me  grow/And your soul to others show /Cause I know that they might never see 

How good you are/And how great If I don’t/Show them your face /Till we all come to the place where we sing

Did you wake up today with a 'bad hair day'? Do you look around, compare yourself  and feel everyone is so much better than you are? Don't be fooled. In God's eyes you are valued and always beautiful. Take care and have a blessed day knowing this.

Love flows from the Father to me and to you, all day, every day, till the end of time. Always and forever.

Rejoice always. Give thanks in all things. Enjoy the moments that you have been given. The one you have now is your best moment.

God has written a special love letter to me and you. It's written in our hearts, scribed with a crown of thorns. A letter of eternal love. I've read mine. Have you read yours?