2020 - Were you challenged?

The year 2020 has been one with ups and downs for me, what about you? I had my share of loss, severe illness leading to almost more loss, life changes and so on. But through it all God has been faithful. He has stayed with me, comforted me, answered prayers, renewed my faith, helped me grow and overall carried me through. I trust he has carried you too through the good times and the bad. Keep the faith. he loves and cares for us. May 2021 bring more revelation of his love.

God has written a special love letter to me and you. It's written in our hearts, scribed with a crown of thorns. A letter of eternal love. I've read mine. Have you read yours?

Rejoice always. Give thanks in all things. Enjoy the moments that you have been given. The one you have now is your best moment.

It's all about God's love for me, shown in the gift  of life I have because  of what  Jesus did on the Cross. A love that never lets me down .That's so exciting for me and I hope it is for you too. Stay blessed. Annie”

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Did you wake up today with a 'bad hair day'? Do you look around, compare yourself  and feel everyone is so much better than you are? Don't be fooled. In God's eyes you are valued and always beautiful. Take care and have a blessed day knowing this.