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  1. God Rewards 
  2. Faith 
  3. Trust Him 
  4. A child's insight on a coach 
  5. Love 
  6. The race 
  7. I'd like to know 
  8. Is love a feeling? 
  9. Lord You are beautiful 
  10. Love Stays 
  11. Strange 
  12. Here's hoping

                                            God Rewards 

He sowed good seed
And it brought forth yield
Ten hundred fold
And filled his field
Yet no one saw him as he toiled the ground
And no one praised him as he went around

God in his heaven looked down from above
Saw all his toil, saw it all done in love
Went out and said to his builders so true
Hey guys, put another few rooms in his mansion will you?


I lurch along from day to day
That you’re near me

I take a leap each time I pray 
That you hear me
I go beneath the bitter waves
That you love me

So this is faith no more to say 
That you’re able

Rest in his unfailing hands


                            Trust Him

I asked God and he said "no." 
I pleaded and begged, he replied "no". 
I threw a tantrum. The answer was still "no" 
I rested on his love and trusted he knew best. 
Then he gave even more than I had asked for.

Wait and trust in your heavenly Father 
                             A Child’s insight (on a coach)

          C'est magnifique the little boy said 
          And as he said so the thought popped in my head 
          How wondrous God’s world in the eyes of a child
          Whose sight isn’t tainted 
          Whose gaze isn’t blind 
Lord help me delight in the wonders you made 
May my joy in creation never fade

Love. Hmmmmm What is Love?
You feel good
Feel understood
Holding hands
Making plans
      Balmy days
      Heady ways
Come the crunch
What's for lunch
It's no good
       Feel alone
       Broken home
Taking the rough 
When times are tough
Confusions share
You still care
        Feelings change
        True love remains
                                                 The Race

          My siblings Evangelista, Pastor and I
          Stood at the start of the race
          Our dad had asked us all to run
          But I felt I was a waste of space

Evangelista was a hurdler true
Pastor, he could really fly
But me, well all that I could do
Was plod on slowly by.

          Marathon it was, not just a sprint
          Whatever was dad's mood?
          Did he really really think
          That I'd be any good

Don't worry lass, stick to the plan
One step and then another
You do just that and then you'll find
The race will be no bother

          I hit the wall, I was all spent
          I almost almost fell
          I saw my dad and then he went
          Come on your doing well

Stick to the plan, one step, one step
I'm here to guide you on
The wall is just a minor blip
You’re nearly almost done

          And so it was, the tape was past
          Well done my faithful one
          Your journey's end you've reached at last
          Come on let's take you home
 I’d Like Know


What is love?
Not just a feeling, though feelings are there.
Not just emotion, not just to care.
It's doing the things that you know are right.
It's not holding grudges whenever you fight

It is always trying to make the other strong.
It is being a person they can rely on.
It's not putting me first, though that's so hard to do.
It's wanting the other to be a winner too.
And when this is done in the end you will find.
That love is an action that really is blind.
Not to others faults but helping them find.
Their place of true meaning, their place in mankind.

A place where they can be, the best they can be.
A person that's worthy a person that's free.
Not losing yourself though, for that's always wrong.
But having a place where you both get along.
                                      Is Love a Feeling?
He said he loved me
But wouldn’t help me wash my hair.
So I just lay there
And wallowed in despair.
Is love a feeling
Or is love the things you do
Tell me, tell me someone
Coz I have to know what's true.
She said she loved me
Yet she met another man
Could she have said no
Or was it all out of her hands?
Is love just the feeling
Or is love the way you act
Tell me, tell me someone
Coz I've already made my pact
He said he loved me
So he left the Father's throne
Lived and died for me
Just to prove I was his own.


Love's not just a feeling
Love is everything you do
Not just in good times
But in bad times too

                                                       Lord You Are Beautiful
Lord you are beautiful to me
I just got to tell you that
Lord you mean so much to me
Creator so wonderful

I see you in the stars that shine
I feel you in the breeze
The birds that sing
Unending in the trees

I see you in a baby's smile
The rose adorned so free
You’re beautiful; you’re beautiful, to me

The world may doubt you ever died
Or say you never came
I look around, such beauty that I see

The flowers of spring                                                                 
The leaves of fall
A butterfly so frail

Makes me say, Lord you are beautiful
Creator so wonderful
Lord you are beautiful to me

                                                                 Love Stays
Watched a movie today
And it seemed to say
That when you're in love
There's nothing more to prove
Had to wonder then why
Does such a love die?
Could it be its all wrong?
That it’s more than just a good song

Patient, not jealous, and kind
Such love is really blind
Not interested in just you
But the other's needs too
Such a love never wanes
But remains with you always
Love is a feeling – Yeah right
If that's so true why do we bicker and fight
Yet we still stay together.
If love was just moods
Then at first sign of trouble
We'd leave with our goods

The moments of passion, they do fade away
But until we move upwards
Forever I'll stay
Me a withering crone
You a grumpy old man
But we still walk together
And we're still holding hands
                                                      Here's Hoping

If you say you love me
Then I hope that you
Will stick close by me
Even when I am blue
I’m annoying and spiteful
And not at my best
And I'm walking around
In an old tattered vest

So I'm hoping your loving
Is more than just a song
I'm trusting the giving
Will still carry on
In the way that you treat me
The things that you do
Thus sharing your heartbeat
 In a way that's really true

Thanks to:         
Mara Denardo
Ikhsan Jauhari
Jacquie Reed
Karen pagayon
Freerange Stock Archives 
For the use of their pictures on Freerange stock.com