I think you’ve guessed by , that my genre of Christian songs is more of a contemporary Christian /pop style.  Nothing wrong with that, yet I love Praise and Worship music. They help me take my mind of myself and concentrate on God.  I really look forward to singing them during the church services with the rest of the congregation. My style of Christian music doesn’t seem to be suited(at least not yet), to writing them, though I have made a few attempts. “Glorify Yourself” for example. But I love listening to Worship songs by singers like Darlene Zschech, Natalie Grant and others. I’m still working on it.
 Perhaps one day, God willing, I will compose a worship song that will lift me, like so many of their songs do, so ‘watch this space’. For now I hope you enjoy mu Christian music online and that the lyrics of some of my tracks get you thinking more about God's love and how he works in our lives.