I describe my music as being "Thought provoking, but inspirational contemporary Christian music, with an easy listening pop theme and soft lyrical vibe".

 To date 4 albums :-
  • He's Always There
  •  Greatest War
  • Every Letter
  • Melodies for Christmas

and  two singles The Blood Covers Me. and Impossible Dream Remix.  I also have some demo songs which are not available on general release but you can download them here.These include Every Letter IIReal LoveSee MeThat's what I believe.

Worship/Praise songs include,
My Prayer
Blood Covers Me
Glorify Yourself in Me

For inspiration and encouragement  listen to: 
Carry You
Every Letter
Best Moment

Songs about the Christian Walk  include 
Speak to Me
Lay Me Down
Broken Cracker 
Road Ends

God's love themes are
Love letter
Unlimited Love
On the Cross

Songs of a social nature are Funny Ain't It and Signs of The Times

Easy Listening songs are 
Impossible Dream remix
Get Around

Demos (still in progress) are Real Love, See Me,That's What I believe.

The first Christian Music album I recorded was Every Letter but it was done just for myself and not shared with anyone. A couple of years later I recorded my second Album Greatest War and this time decidec to share it with family and friends. I got some positive feedback and decided to start a website, did a couple of charity concerts and have progressed on from there.

My inspiration for Christian  songs comes from different sources. A sermon, something inspiring someone says, Bible verses and sometimes even dreams.

Album Notes - He's Always There Album 
I called this Album HE'S ALWAYS THERE because a lot of the songs reflect on the idea of God's staying love. Some of the tracks have a pop feel. Some have a more gospel feel and a couple are just ballad style love songs. I wrote them over a year or so and  got my inspiration from various sources. A word, the way I felt on different days and things happening around me. 

IMPOSSIBLE DREAM for example, I wrote after I had fallen asleep with the telly on. In my sleepy state I picked up on a storyline that led to this song. FUNNY AIN'T IT, touches on social issues. CARRY YOU - I love because it just lifts my spirits, with it's reminder that I am never alone. The inspiration for BROKEN CRACKER came from a talk I heard. The speaker took a biscuit cracker and broke it in two. Then he carefully put both pieces of them together and held the cracker up. Of course from a distance the break did not show and the lyrics are based on that fact. 

 MY PRAYER is  based on one of the psalms. GET AROUND I wrote one day after work. I was coming home and was rather broke that day but I just had a sense that things would work ot for me, as it had always done in the past. I'll leave you to discover what the other songs are about for yourself. I hope my sense of humour also comes through in some of the lyrics, but most of all I hope listening to them brightens up your day. 

Album Notes -  Greatest War

The song 'Greatest War' was done after a remembrance day service. 'Signs Of The Times' is a small reflection of the effect youth crime can have on families. 'Did He Think' was done one day when I tried to imagine Jesus' response when he found out about the plan for Calvary. In 'Desperation', I tried to imagine how different characters felt when they met Jesus. Most people have had to deal with the loss of a loved one in their life and 'Beginning Not End' was written as a song of hope. Thinking of what Jesus did for me and that nothing I do repays his love, made me write 'Can You Believe It' and 'Sweetest Song'. So in a nutshell that's the background to this CD. As always all the glory goes to God. My prayer is that some of the words will bless your heart and bring you closer to him.