1. Not Guilty

From the recordings Every Letter Album and His Love


Not guilty Pilate sighed
Not guilty heaven cried
Yet they hung him there between two thieves
The man of glory

He took our sin and shame
He took our price for pain
The humble Lord yet the one who rules us all

What is truth Pilate asked
With this he went out again and said to the Jews
I find no fault with this man
He is your responsibility

And his mother closed her eyes
As the spear went in his side
Her humble son so pure, so innocent
She'd never felt such pain
Felt she'd never smile again
The one she loved the best
Was crucified

Yet he was wounded for our transgressions
He was bruised for our iniquities
And the punishment that brought us peace was upon him
We all like sheep have gone astray
Each of us has turned to his own way
And the Lord has laid on him
The iniquity of us all

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© Annie Woode