From the recordings Greatest War Album and His Love


He is my son
Carried nine months long
I taught him right from wrong
Now they say that he's gone wrong, my beautiful son

He is my son
He's my baby always
Would protect him each day
They all tell me he carried and gun
Can't believe it my son

He is my son
Now they say he's gone wrong
Killed somebody on a whim
Now a mother's heart's forlorn by the hand of my son

He is my son
I can't believe what they say
Guess he thought it was still play
Cant believe that he's gone wrong
My baby son

Didn't you tell him life was rough
Didnt you tell him life was tough
Did you think that he was strong
Would say no to what was wrong
Did you ever see the struggles he had

Didn't you know he wore a mask
Everytime that you would ask
So you wouldn't see his ways
Shield his face from your gaze
Now everythings out in the open

Songs by Annie Woode
© Annie Woode