Amazing love how can it be
That your blood was shed for me
Bringing hope eternally it’s true
I feel your love wash over me
Turn your face and hear my plea
This is all I can give to you

I’ll sing
Worthy is the lamb who sits on the throne
Worthy is the lamb we honour the son
Worthy to you all praise is due
Worthy is the lamb God’s great holy one
Worthy is the lamb now the war is won/ The battle is done
Worthy we lift our hearts to you/ We lift our voice/praise

Redeeming grace that carried me
To the place where I was freed
I feel safe Your Spirit covers me
If I could choose I would remain
Here with you
And abstain
From the things that stop me living true
And singing

Amazing love help me to grow
And your soul to others show
Cause I know that they might never see
How good you are
And how great If I don’t
Show them your face
Till we all come to the place where we sing