1. Best Moment

From the recordings He's Always There album and His Love


I thought about her as I mowed the lawn today
Such a beautiful person, what more can I say
Now she's truly free
It's what was meant to be
Wondered bout myself, was I doing alright
Worried I was missing some moment of light
Then God revealed to me
A certain mystery

He said
This is the best moment of your life today
The sun shines down, you know that you can pray
For me eternity, in every second I see
You know
This is the best moment of your life right now
You know you can't credit it, forget about how
Just let it be the best moment in your life

It's not about waiting till your dreams are fulfilled
And not about wondering what's over the next hill
Coz you'll never know, just how far you'll go
Cherish each moment of sunlight that I send
I show you my love and that will never end
Remember you don't know
Just how the wind doth blow

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© Annie Woode