1. Did He Think

From the recordings Greatest War Album and His Love


Did he think about the way he would come and die
Before he left his glory in the sky
Did he think about it at all

Did he wonder what it would be like to feel the lash
The thirty nine stripes laid on his back
Did he think about it at all

Though he knew that when he'd healed the sick and touched those in pain
His greatest sacrifice would only bring him shame
We'd strip him and we'd raise him on a cross on high
And leave him there to die

Did he ask the Father 'why' when he told the plan
The way to bring salvation down to man
Did he ever regret at all
Think of all the wonder that he'd leave, the power, the fame
To come down to this world and die in pain
Did he have second thought at all

Though he knew that when he'd raised the dead and helped mankind
The lost found hope, the lame could walk and healed the blind
Some would not believe and say it was a lie
He never came and died

When the burdens of this world get too much to share
When loving those who hate me I cannot bear
Then I think about him, my Lord

Think of all he left how he, gave it up for me
So I could be safe and I could be free
Yes I think about it and go on
Cause if he could leave the heavens just to give me hope
Then in my darkest hour I know that I can cope
Can do what's right the times I feel too high the cost
Can go and save the lost
For Jesus

Christian songs by Annie Woode
© Annie Woode