1. Lay Me Down

From the recordings Greatest War Album and His Love


Lay me down at your feet
Till in heaven we meet say amen
Lay me down by your side
In your strength I’ll abide say amen
May I stand at your cross, see your victory for us
May your love lead me on, cause in you I am strong
Lay me down at your feet, till in heaven we meet
Say amen
Draw me near to the place
Where I will receive grace say amen
As I look t the prize,
so may I realise say amen
That the glory to come will surpass every one
Of my treasures so dear, that I hold on to here
Draw me near to the place where I will receive grace
Say amen
Bring me down to my knees
Until Jesus I please say amen
May your throne be the goal
For my forgiven soul say amen
I will always rejoice
For Lord this is my choice
That your will I’ll obey
And now Lord hear me say
Lay me down every night
In your love to sleep tight
Say amen

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© Annie Woode