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  1. Christ's Mass

From the recordings Melodies for Christmas Album and His Love

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Christ's Mass

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Oh Christmas time's a coming
Almost hear the sleigh trail humming
Loaded up with presents just for me
Remembering a manager with a little baby stranger
Greatest gift unwrapped eternally

Oh hear hosanna ringing
Hear the choir singing
Hear creation's song of victory
Glory hallelujah
To our living Saviour
Christ's mass brings God's gift of love so free

Full of fun and laughter
Echoes of hereafter
Fellowship with one and all we'll see
There'll be no more anger
Child lead lion without danger
Peace and love on earth for all will be

New life so free with love from him to me
Given by the king of majesty
New life so free God's gift remarkably
Christ's mass brings God's gift of love so free