WOW(Wonderful World Video)

I love humour.

Each of us has sad times in our lives. I was having one of these moments, when something an atheist/agnostic comedian said on a television programme struck me. They were joking about genetics and DNA. He mentioned that if the individual molecules of our DNA was placed in a line, it would stretch out to a distance of over a light year. That is a distance that is so far, it is actually outside our solar system. That really made me go WOW. We look at ourselves and our bodies which are so easily destroyed and we often wonder if we are significant. Yet look at how intricately God has made us!! So much attention to detail. In this spirit of WOW at these marvels, I did a cover of  “What a wonderful world“. I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it did mine. Have a WOW week.

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